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LMC certificates

Our AMCs (Actively Managed Certificates) offer our clients and investors an innovative solution for participating in active portfolio management strategies. Unlike traditional mutual funds, AMCs allow you to invest simultaneously and flexibly in a wide range of underlying Assets, such as Equities, Bonds, Commodities and Currencies.

Innovative financial instruments for active portfolio management

AMCs (Actively Managed Certificates) are innovative financial instruments that offer investors a way to participate in Active Portfolio Management strategies. Unlike traditional mutual funds, AMCs can be issued on a wide range of underlying assets, such as equities, bonds, commodities or currencies. They can also be designed to reflect specific investment strategies, such as growth or value portfolio management. The objective of the latter is to seek to outperform a benchmark index or achieve a specific return objective.

On the other hand, AMCs also offer great flexibility in terms of liquidity. Unlike traditional investment funds, they can be traded continuously without restriction, just like individual shares. Finally, Actively Managed Certificates offer investors an attractive alternative to traditional mutual funds, allowing them to participate in active portfolio management strategies and offering greater trading flexibility.

Unwavering commitment

We are deeply committed to our customers. We understand that Wealth Management is not just about numbers, but also about trust. That’s why we strive to build strong relationships with our customers based on trust, respect and integrity. We are always available to answer your questions, discuss your concerns and help you make the right decisions.

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In addition to wealth management, our team of investment advisors specializes in a variety of areas, including private equity and real estate. We understand the importance of developing personalized investment strategies to maximize your returns and manage your wealth effectively.