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Wealth Management

Wealth Management is our core expertise. Thanks to our expert, multidisciplinary approach, we can help you secure and develop your assets. Our personalized services in managing, monitoring and visualising your assets are at your disposal.

We tailor your strategy to your needs

In the complex world of finance, each individual has unique needs and objectives. That is why we will work with you to build a profitable investment strategy. As your Wealth Manager, we are committed to understanding your financial goals and investment preferences in depth. Whether you are looking to prepare for retirement, plan your estate or optimize your tax situation, we are here to help you choose with customized solutions that meet your specific needs.

Discover our investment lines

Explore our portfolio management combining Cash, Bonds, Equities, Investment Funds, Structured Products, Alternative Investments, Private Equity and options. This diversity of assets is designed to seize opportunities, stabilize investments and achieve your financial goals while effectively managing risk.

We maintain a portion of our assets in the form of cash to meet operating needs, to take advantage of attractive investment opportunities and to ensure a reserve of value in the event of market volatility.

We invest in a variety of bonds, including government, corporate, municipal and high-yield. Bonds are generally considered safer investments, offering steady returns and long-term capital preservation.

We invest in a diversified selection of equities in listed companies, focusing on companies that we believe have strong long-term growth potential. We take into account various criteria, such as the company’s financial strength, business model and growth prospects.

Investment funds allow individual investors to pool their financial resources to invest in a variety of assets such as equities, bonds, commodities or real estate. These funds offer a range of benefits and options to investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and achieve their financial goals. Investors are not exposed to a single stock or specific sector, but benefit from a broader, balanced exposure. This diversification can reduce overall portfolio risk and smooth out market fluctuations.

Structured products are financial instruments that combine elements of capital protection and potential returns, using a variety of underlying assets and a specific structuring. Made up of different elements such as fixed-income investments (bonds) and variable-return investments (options), they are based on financial assets such as equities, stock market indices, commodities or exchange rates. Some structured products offer partial or total capital protection. They are designed to meet investors’ specific risk management and return requirements. As they can be complex, they require a thorough understanding to be used effectively.

Alternative investments include a wide range of non-traditional investment strategies. These can include investments in commodities, hedge funds, real estate, infrastructure and precious metals.

We are active in private equity, which refers to investments in unlisted companies. This can include investments in start-ups, private equity firms, venture capital firms, limited partnerships or other forms of private enterprise. These investments are not correlated with stock markets and therefore offer an alternative with, very often, a good return.

Options, also known as Calls & Puts, are traded on specialized markets and offer investors the opportunity to profit from fluctuations in asset prices, manage risk or implement specific investment strategies.

We use our expertise

Wealth Management is a complex field that requires in-depth expertise in various areas such as investment, taxation, retirement and inheritance planning. We offer our expertise as Wealth Managers to help you build a profitable long-term investment strategy. Our aim is to help you achieve your financial goals and protect and grow your wealth over the long term.